Why All Athletes Should be Yogis, and All Yogis Athletes.

These two labels usually don’t apply to someone simultaneously. Either your focus is performance in a given sport, or your daily practice. Yoga is commonly used to supplement during training to deal with tight or fatigued muscles, but as people who practice daily know, yoga can offer so much more than stretching. Adding a little more dedication to your practice as an athlete will give you more flexible muscles, which can lead to increased range of motion, and less injury of course; however, it will also give you more focus and control over your breathing.

Ever had a coach tell you when to inhale and when to exhale during a deadlift? How about practiced nostril breathing during a long run? Your breath controls everything, therefore, you should be able to control your breath.

Not into the whole mala beads, vegan diet, and man-bun situation? Turns out, you can start small. Sitting and paying attention to your breath for just 10 minutes will have you feeling like a pro in no-time. After a while, you will notice more clam, controlled breathing during intense exercise.

If you are a dedicated yogi, but not getting a lot of intense exercise, health wise, you may be missing key aspects. Adding weights into your routine will give you the resistance you need to build strong bones, and adding cardio will elevate your heart rate enough to reap essential heart-healthy benefits. Sure there are different types of yoga that can offer some of these benefits, but good old fashioned exercise is what will really help you rid disease or any health concerns, allow you to lead a long, healthy, happy life. That is why we all do these things anyway right?

Stay tuned for more information on how to include training, practice, nutrition, and other practices into your life, helping you tap into the potential of being your most balanced self. 

Namaste Yall.






Published by Amanda Myers

200H Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Personal Trainer Certified Massage Therapist Holistic Health Passion Driven, Adventure Lover

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