Your Holistic Alternative to Everything Else – Massage Therapy

My first career in the wellness world was as a certified massage therapist. When I started working as a front desk associate at a massage chain, I knew nothing about massage therapy. The appeal for me was working a lavender scented beige colored room, and speaking to people in my softest voice all day.

As time went on, and I built a relationship with the therapist that worked there, I learned so much about what was actually happening during that 60-90 minutes between check in and check out. Turns out, massage therapy is holistic medicine. My history with western medicine has been less than ideal, so this notion that you could facilitate the body to heal itself, was a revelation.

Of course massage therapy is relaxing, and relieves your stress. But did you know, it REALLY relieves your stress, like physiologically. Cortisol is your stress hormone, and actually LOWERS after you receive a massage. Along with your blood pressure… that’s right… massage therapy will actually lower your blood pressure. Who knew this semi self-indulgent treat was so healthy?

Other benefits of massage therapy –

  • Breaks apart tense muscle tissue, leading to better range of motion, less risk for injury, and increased elasticity in the muscle.
  • Dilates blood vessels leading to lower blood pressure, while increasing circulation. Making it beneficial to injured tissue, or people with circulatory-related illness.
  • Increases white blood cell count, and lymph activity, making it beneficial for anyone who doesn’t want to catch the latest cold going around.
  • Increases synovial fluid in joints – which helps your joints glide, helping people with arthritis or even just the occasional creaky joint.
  • Decreases inflammation and fluid build up, helping people recovery from workouts, injuries, or edema.
  • Breaks apart scar tissue, reducing visible scars, as well as helping people recovery from surgery or chronic injury.

This list could seriously go on forever, which is why you need to find a therapist a sap. Massage is completely holistic and as you can see, has so many health benefits. It has been known for years to reduce pain, and even help people ditch their prescription drugs! Have patience finding the right therapist for you (sometimes you have to try a few), and you will absolutely see the results you are looking for.

See you on the table.

Namaste Yall.

*For info on massage therapy with Amanda, please email

Published by Amanda Myers

200H Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Personal Trainer Certified Massage Therapist Holistic Health Passion Driven, Adventure Lover

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