The Unbalanced Balance

Balance is a HUGE buzz word right now. We always hear about balancing your work life, with your home life, with your practice, with your workouts, with rest, with whatever else you may be trying to fit into your time here on this plane.

But what if we looked at being balanced in a different way? Maybe being “unbalanced” is balanced.

If we are lucky enough to be around for a while, life will show us a lot of different seasons of life. From being a busy student, to finding that first “adult” job, maybe starting our own business, maybe becoming a parent… they all look different and require different things from us.

A smaller scale example –

I have been training for a 50K race, which [this particular one] is 32.8 miles. As you can imagine, this has required extremely long runs on the weekend. During the week I have been focused on weight training targeting my running muscles, and my practice has consisted of mostly mobility and restorative postures. ALL of my workouts are focused on this ONE event, for about six months now. Does it sound balanced to go out and run for six hours on a Saturday morning? Hell no. Has my upper body strength taken a hit? As well as the more advanced postures in my practice? Absolutely.

But this is my season. I am training for this race, working on growing an LLC, and trying to become the best damn yoga teacher I can be. I am not really balanced. I could probably spend more time cleaning my house, or seeing friends on the weekend instead of worrying about getting up early to run the next day… but I also know this season is not forever.

Just like the seasons themselves, we come in and out of these parts of our lives. Eventually my race will be done, and I can shift my workouts towards new goals. Eventually my schedule will be full of clients and I can focus more on them, rather than on marketing. Eventually my weekends will be more free and I will be spending ample time with my friends and family. My season will change, my priorities will change, and my unbalanced balance will find a new way to present itself.

Find beauty in the unbalanced. Ride with the season changes, and move yourself through life, instead of having it move you.

Namaste Yall.


Published by Amanda Myers

200H Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Personal Trainer Certified Massage Therapist Holistic Health Passion Driven, Adventure Lover

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