All the Magic You Need is Within You

STOP looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. You ARE the light.

You glow from within. And that light is magical. It is powerful, and it can be used for whatever you choose.

Ask yourself –

What around me can I control?

How you treat other people? How you let other people effect you? What actions you are taking to get where you want to be? How you perceive literally every single thing around you?

What around me can I manifest?

Is it a more positive environment, from the inside out? Is it more passion for what you are doing with your life? Is it more love, more compassion, more abundance, more peace?

What stories are you telling yourself, that just aren’t true?

That you HAVE to work this job you don’t like? That you HAVE to have this to-do list done by yesterday? That you HAVE to live this traditional lifestyle because that is what you are SUPPOSED to do?

What can you let go of that is no longer serving you?

What would you welcome more of into your life?

Take a few minutes to really think about these questions. Set the stage and really get in the manifesting mood by burning sage, lighting candles, and gathering your favorite crystals. Take a few deep breaths, and write down your thoughts.

Just remember – YOU cultivate what is inside you, which is what is going to determine what is around you. Start with yourself.

Use that magic within you to create the world you want to live in.

Happy Manifesting!

Namaste Yall.


Published by Amanda Myers

200H Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Personal Trainer Certified Massage Therapist Holistic Health Passion Driven, Adventure Lover

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