Post-Holiday Meal Redirection

The holidays usually leave us a combination of things – tired, grateful, a little stressed, with a messy house, and for those of us fortunate enough – full. If you are more on the health conscience side of things, the meals you eat while gathered with your loved ones probably do not consist of what you would normally eat. Redirecting your eating habits post indulgent chaos to get you back on track, can be fairly simple.

It is important to view this a REDIRECTION and not a DETOX. With a little facilitation, your body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself, and there is no need for you to buy $400 in supplements and live off sugary smoothies or lemon water for a week. Your intention within your eating is simply shifting from a mindless indulgence to a mindful re-fueling.

A few things you can do to REDIRECT –

Focus on veggies.

Holiday veggies are usually covered in butter, cheese, or cooked in bacon fat. Not exactly eliminating their nutritional value altogether, but not exactly keeping them as healthy as they should be either. If your holiday sides resembled this, it’s important in the following weeks to add as many veggies as you can lightly cooked in healthy ways like roasting or sauteing in avocado oil. It’s likely those greens that were cooked for five hours did not contain as many nutrients as they would have otherwise, so you need to rebuild your micro-nutrient stores. LOAD UP on your favorites and avoid any unhealthy additives.

Add naturally detoxing foods.

Some foods have properties that will facilitate the body to naturally detox itself! A few include:

  • asparagus
  • cilantro
  • lemon
  • turmeric
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • leafy greens

These foods are easily added to meals and assist the body in riding any unwanted toxins.

Neutralize your pH.

Those indulgent desserts and excess alcohol can leave us extra acidic. Acidosis can lead to all kinds of things – inflammation, joint pain, headaches, infection,  fatigue, and the  list can go on. It’s easy to not feel your best when your pH is on the acidic side. (To test your pH, go to your local health store and find the test strips. You usually pee on one and the color will let you know where you stand.) Alkaline foods include spinach and avocado, but my favorite way to neutralize that pH quickly – apple cider vinegar (WITH the Mother). I have two preferred methods depending on my time available in the morning:

  • Take a shot. It can be a little painful, so feel free to chase it with your low sugar juice of choice.
  • Mix it with hot water, lemon, and honey. This is a great option for first thing, before you have had anything else, to jump start your digestion, neutralize, and get in some hydration.

Re-hydrate and get moving.

Seems simple, but usually we do not get the hydration we need during the holidays, and the increased amount of alcohol only contributes to dehydration. Throwing in some electrolytes like coconut water or Nuun tablets can help you re-hydrate quickly. Missed a couple workouts while visiting with the family? Totally normal, but try not to sit it out too long. It only takes about a week for fitness levels to start decreasing due to lack of activity, so getting back as soon as you can is imperative – not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

Remember, food is not something to feel guilty over. Coming together around a meal is something that should be enjoyed, and not a cause for punishment. Redirecting after you indulge is a simple way to keep you feeling like your best self, for a happier, healthier life.

Namaste Yall.

Published by Amanda Myers

200H Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Personal Trainer Certified Massage Therapist Holistic Health Passion Driven, Adventure Lover

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