H A P P E N I N G  N O W –

Fall Inward – A Vin/Yin Pop-Up Yoga Class

Come join us in this beautiful outdoor space for a Vin-Yin practice (half vinyasa, half yin) as we embrace the fall season. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you during the first half Vinyasa flow, and create space to turn inward and reflect through Yin yoga the second half.

This is an all levels class, so come as you are. Bring a mat, and water if you’d like. Also recommended is anything to keep you cozy during the slower portion of the class – sweaters, blankets, etc.

Sunday, October 27th

10:00 – 11:00am

ADDRESS – 5310 Marian Street, Richmond VA 23226

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A V A I L A B L E  T O  S C H E D U L E –

Anatomy Through the Sun Salutations

This three hour workshop will educate about the movement capabilities of major joints and muscle groups. That knowledge will then be applied to the postures that compose Surya Namaskar A & B and allow for a safer, more connected, practice.

Yoga for Athletes

Broken down into a four part series,  this workshop will focus on why yoga is absolutely essential for anyone on a fitness pursuit and how to implement it into their routine. Topics covered include flexibility, range of motion, cross-training, injury prevention, and meditation. Yoga for Athletes will help you add this ancient practice to your modern goals and unlock new potential.

Physical and Spiritual Anatomy of the Hip

Ever been curious about what is really going on in this complicated joint? In this workshop, we will take a deep dive into how the hip joint functions, the muscular surrounding it, what is held there energetically, and how to take care of this sacred area.

Are you a studio owner/manager that would like to feature one of these workshops at your space? Contact me at to set dates. I look forward to being a part of your space’s offerings!

I’ve attended both the Anatomy through Sun Salutations and Anatomy and Spirit of the Hip workshops by Amanda Myers. The knowledge from the first workshop caused me reformat the way I practice and teach Sun Salutations. This change improved both the rhythm and safety of the movement. The second workshop gave me new perspective on  activated versus stretched muscles of the hip. I learned new ideas for leg and foot position in standing poses and ways to warm up the hip flexors.

I’ve gained so much from these workshops and look forward to attending more.”

-Mary T.